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About Back PAIN

Globally, the common complaint reported by adults is back pain, accounting for large number of visits to doctors in United States. Although majority of back pain is unspecific, which means it is without any specific cause. There is growing and viable consensus proving that majority of back pain cases are multifactorial, having more than one cause. Accurate and precise diagnosis can lead to effective treatment of back pain. 

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad
Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad

IPRC Back Pain Treatment in Islamabad

Why physical therapy for back pain at IPRC is better than conventional treatment of back pain:

Different structures in the human body work together in a coordinated manner to produce movements. As the spine is engaged in every form of movement, pain in the back can arise from imbalance, tightness, and weakness of connective tissues and muscles that are situated far from the site of pain.
The purpose of conventional treatment is mainly to manage pain by treating back pain with different medications like steroid injections, opioids, and anti-inflammatory drugs without focusing on the underlying cause. This can lead to continuous episodes of back pain, resulting in disability and chronic pain.
It has been proven that conservative care is very effective in improving the outcome of patients as compared to MRI and surgical intervention. A lot of people stop their movement whenever they experience pain, but in the case of back pain, it is proved that active treatment is more effective than passive treatment. Active treatment is any activity in which a patient actively participates in recovery. Active care involves exercises, modified ideas, thoughts, and reasoning regarding back pain.

Types of Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad

Non-specific Back Pain

It is defined as back pain not attributed to specific recognizable and identifiable cause. Patient complains of pain, but no specific mechanical cause is determined.

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad

Myo-fascial Back Pain

It originates in fascia, which is thin connective tissue sheath that encloses muscles. Myofascial pain mostly arises from trigger points, which are tiny and irritable knots in skeletal muscles.

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad

Mechanical Back Pain

Mechanical pain emerges from increased stress on muscles around vertebral column. It often arises from our routine activities like bad posture, poor ergonomic workstation, or wrong lifting approaches.

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad

Nociplastic Back Pain

It originates from enhance activation of sensory peripheral nerves, without any appropriate tissue damage.

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad

Neuropathic Back Pain

Any damage or disease of somatosensory nervous system can cause neuropathic back pain.

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad

Nociceptive Back Pain

It emerges from any damage to human body due to surgery or trauma making it the most common type of back pain.

Symptoms, Causes And Risk Factors Of Back Pain

SymptomsCausesRisk factors
Aching dull pain around spine.Poor lifting techniques.Obesity. 
Stinging burning pain that spreads down one or both legs(sciatica)Poor workspace ergonomicsSmoking.
Muscular tightness and spasmBad posture and positioning.Sedentary and unactive lifestyle.
Pain increasing with prolonged sitting or standing.Deep spinal muscle weakness.Occupational overuse.
Difficulty and pain when standing up straight or during walkingPoor gait patterns.Metabolic disorders.
Unexplained weight lossTrauma, arthritis and osteoporosis.Lack of exercise.
Weakness Ruptured or bulging disks.Structural problems.


Accurate Diagnosis Leads To Successful Treatment Of Back Pain

At IPRC back pain diagnosis is initiated with clinical examination. Radiology is used when conservative treatment fails in reducing low back pain. Surgery and steroid injections are considered as last treatment option for low back pain. The first line of treatment for back pain is always conservative.
Damage and inflammation of soft tissues is identified by diagnostic ultrasonography, providing differential diagnosis of disc bulging and stenosis of spinal canal.

We use high technology equipment for best results:

At IPRC, first of all we work on finding the underlying cause of back pain and eliminating it by using modern and advance technology equipment to relieve symptoms of patient and improving their condition.
We treat back pain with appropriate therapeutic and manual therapy techniques, spinal strengthening exercises, gait training, ultrasound, dry needling, electrotherapy, correcting posture and improving communication between central nervous system and muscles.

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad

Our Treatment Toolkit

  1. Dynamic Neuromuscular stabilization (DNS) for restoring intrinsic motor patterns.
  2. Dry needling to get rid of trigger points
  3. Manual Release
  4. Soft tissue mobilization
  5. Chiropractic mobilization of spine.
  6. Restoring posture
  7. Mckenzie exercises
  8. Spinal adjustments.
  9. Manual Therapy

Preventing Back Pain

Prevention is quite important in treatment especially in back pain. The most important thing is to perform exercises regularly and to manage and maintain healthy weight. Additionally, patient should maintain active and healthy lifestyle like quitting smoking, following healthy diet plan, reducing stress level, properly hydrating body and maintaining correct posture will help in the reduction of back pain.
Mostly back pain arises from mechanical faults. Proper 3D analysis of gait and biomechanical examination helps in identification of errors that increases your risk of back pain. By providing corrective feedback, gait training and posture reeducation can help you in reducing your back pain.

Back Pain Treatment In Islamabad
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Get Personalized Physical Therapy That Is Designed For Your Back Pain

At IPRC, we use unique treatment techniques for each patient as the cause of back pain can vary from one patient to another. Firstly, we perform appropriate examination and provide treatment according to the specific diagnosis. We provide custom designed physical therapy for each patient. Our unique treatment approaches and protocols makes IPRC the best clinic to treat back pain in Islamabad.

Benefits from our non-invasive therapy:
Back pain hardly requires surgery. Chiropractors and physical therapists are experts in treating and eliminating back pain. At IPRC, we use modern techniques in managing back pain. Our treatment approach includes manual release, appropriate exercises, dry needling, manual therapy, therapeutic ultrasound, IFC, TENS, electrical Stimulation, and proper home exercises. Our physical therapists are experts in treating back pain by using appropriate and effective treatment approaches.

Get your treatment that genuinely works:
Back pain interferes with your ability to enjoy everyday life. Different pain medications works on reducing symptoms without treating the underlying cause. At IPRC, it is our mission to reduce back pain of patient by providing appropriate treatment protocols to eradicate the cause of pain so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle that is pain free.

Dr. Aleem Certifications In Physical Therapy

Certified Spinal Manual Therapist

Dr. Aleem has done various certifications in the field of physical therapy. He is Certified Spinal Manual therapist (Manual concepts, Australia). Spinal manual therapy is used to relieve neck pain, back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions by application of forces at joints of spine. These treatments are helpful in restoring spine dysfunctional areas.

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Dr. Aleem also delivers lecture on ergonomics at corporate sector in whole Pakistan including Telenor, PTCL and Ufone.