Pediatric Physical Therapy In Islamabad

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Children and teens often suffer from motor impairments and injuries. These impairments profoundly affect their quality of life. These impairments and movements disorders restricts them from participation in sports and sets them apart from their peers. This leads to emotional, psychological, and physical repercussions. Children and teens deserve best physical and therapeutic care so they can get their developmental potential back and can enjoy healthy active life.

Rehabilitation Of Pediatric Injuries

Children have highly resilient body meaning that they have capability to recover easily after injury especially caused by repetitive stress. However, sometimes soft tissues are damaged, and bones are broken so children require specialized treatment to nurture them and accelerate healing process.
After a soft tissue injury or fracture of bones, the injured area is often immobilized to protect it and to allow proper healing. This immobilization can lead to atrophy (shrinking) of muscles and may cause formation of contractures (tightening or hardening) of joints, muscles, or connective tissues. If not addressed to proper physiotherapy and rehabilitation, these impairments may lead to long term motor deficits.
Enormous benefits are achieved by timely therapy and rehabilitation and enable child to quickly return to activities and sports and regain healthy functions.
There are vast benefits of physical therapy. It will also allow neuroplasticity for restoring neuromuscular pathways following injury so that child can function fully. Rehabilitation after injury positively affect the child’s health at multiple levels so that child can return to daily activities and enjoy active lifestyle.

Get better and state-of-the-art pediatric physical therapy at IPRC:
The physical therapy experts at IPRC understands that every patient has unique condition and unique anatomy, and every condition has specific and distinctive characteristics. Run-of-the mill physical therapy clinics uses one-size-fit-all approaches for patient care, utilizing the same cookie-cutter exercises that fails to properly rehabilitate patients.
At IPRC, we use one-on-one and personalized treatment approach that is especially design to treat your pain. Our individualized treatment protocols ensures that you get proper treatment to eliminate the source of your pain. We are fully aware the rehabilitation takes time, so we make sure that time invested in therapy should be properly utilized and not wasted.
From our state-of-the-art equipment to top-notch physical therapy treatment, we ensure that our patients get best musculoskeletal rehab. Our experience of combining state-of-the-art equipment, professional expertise and cutting-edge training technologies makes IPRC the number one pediatric physical therapy clinic.

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Common disorders treated by pediatric physical therapy:

Commonly treated conditions treated by pediatric physical therapy includes:

Cerebral Palsy:

This is a group of disorders that impair child’s ability to maintain posture and balance. It also affects muscle tone and movement. It is caused by damage to immature brain mostly before birth of child. Children may experience movement impairments, unusual posture, unsteady walking, spasticity of trunk and limbs, exaggerated reflexes, and involuntary movements.

Spina Bifida:

It is a birth defect in which spinal cord or spine does not form properly. It is defect of neural tube. This tube is present in developing embryo that eventually becomes baby’s spinal cord, brain and tissues that enclose them.

Muscular Dystrophy:

It is a group of muscle disorders often arising because of mutation of genes. With time muscles becomes weak and can reduce mobility and affect overall function. Child may experience gait abnormalities and learning disabilities along with pain and stiffness of muscles. The growth is also delayed.

Torticollis/ Plagiocephaly:

This condition affects your neck muscles causing your head to tilt down. The child may experience pain in neck muscles and inability to turn head due to spasm of neck muscles.

Orthopedic conditions:

Different orthopedic conditions like fractures, soft tissue, and sports related injuries can impair child’s ability to function properly.

Muscular weakness and Hypotonia:

Pediatric physical therapy for muscular weakness and hypotonia is very effective and beneficial. At IPRC, our physical therapy specialists will evaluate and examine your child and determine the exact cause of muscle weakness and hypotonia and will create a treatment program to eliminate it.

Developmental Delays:

Developmental delays means that child has not gained developmental skills at appropriate age as compared to other child of same age. These delays may occur in cognition, motor function, language and speech and social skills

Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injuries:

Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild to severe impairments that negatively affects child’s quality of life. As the brain of children is still developing so minor concussion can lead to serious damage. However, the resilient spirit of child can make it less serious. Common symptoms of traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Persistent headache
  • Loss of balance and dizziness
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Impaired vision
  • Trouble in concentration

Rehabilitation and vestibular therapy for traumatic brain injuries will address dizziness, balance impairments, headaches, and visual tracking. Therapy includes exercises to restore balance and coordination and for resolving visual and balance issues. Skill training is also incorporated in therapy to prepare child for returning to physical activity and sports.

Pediatric neuro-motor impairments:

Sometimes children are born with neuromuscular issues that negatively affect their quality of life and inhibit child development.  DNS (Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization) technique will help in restoring innate functional movement patterns by stimulation of central nervous system in retraining of neurophysiological patterns of your locomotion system. It will also help in correction of motor deficiencies

Children having neuromuscular deficits can benefit a lot from rehabilitation and physical therapy which will strengthen the weak muscles, increases mobility, and improves balance, control, and stability.

Pediatric Physical Therapy in Islamabad
Pediatric Physical Therapy in Islamabad

Kids love rehabilitation at IPRC:

The pediatric physical therapy specialists ensure healing and progress of children by making therapy fun. Our specialists understands that each child has unique anatomy, and each condition has specific characteristics thus we provide rehabilitation according to specific needs of child ensuring child recovery and performance enhancement within the shortest possible time. At IPRC, we use holistic care and individualized treatment approach for patients and never use cookie cutter exercises to achieve optimal and best results. We properly examine patient and provide one -on-one physical therapy based on proper diagnosis. The custom design and personalized treatment are utilized for addressing unique condition of patients make IPRC the number one clinic for pediatric physical therapy.

Dr. Aleem Certifications In Physical Therapy

Certified Spinal Manual Therapist

Dr. Aleem has done various certifications in the field of physical therapy. He is Certified Spinal Manual therapist (Manual concepts, Australia). Spinal manual therapy is used to relieve neck pain, back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions by application of forces at joints of spine. These treatments are helpful in restoring spine dysfunctional areas.

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Dr. Aleem also delivers lecture on ergonomics at corporate sector in whole Pakistan including Telenor, PTCL and Ufone.