Neuro rehabilitation (rehab) is a doctor-supervised program designed for people with diseases, injury, or disorders of the nervous system. Neurological rehab can often improve function, reduce symptoms, and improve the well-being of the patient.

You know someone with a neurological illness for long now and isn’t able to lead a normal life just like that before the illness?

Well, there is a huge ray of hope directed at you, that will help your loved one to revive back to normal life with no further hinderance in carrying out daily life activities in a normal fashion.

What is Neuro Rehabilitation?

Neuro rehabilitation is a subspeciality of physiotherapy that deals with the person suffering from any sort of neurological disorder brain or spinal cord dysfunction) which leads to the abnormal functioning of the human body because of the disruption in the normal pathway of signal transfer from brain or spinal cord to lower body. It may manifest in the form of movement disorder, functional, behavioral, speech, memory, balance or coordination disorders.

What are the common neurological diseases that people seek treatment for?

Following is the list of ailments in which people usually seek for neuro rehabilitation

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain trauma
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s
  • Sciatica
  • Muscular dystrophies
  • Bell’s palsy/ facial palsy
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spina bifida
  • Vestibular issues
  • Cervicogenic headache

What is stroke rehabilitation

Stroke is a condition in which you brains gets damage because of ischemic infarction or hemorrhage. This results in damage to the brain.

If your left side of brain damages hen your right side gets paralyzed and vice versa. Stroke rehabilitation is a comprehensive treatment program to help the patients who have suffered stroke in order to relearn the skills they lost due to the brain damage caused by stroke. Range of motion (ROM) exercises and mobility training are included in stroke rehabilitation.

Here at Islamabad Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center, we retrain your brain in order to get regain the muscle strength.

What is a typical stroke recovery timeline?

Recovery time of the stroke is actually unpredictable. You can even get completely better within weeks of a stroke, or it may take months or even years to get full recovery.  Initial 3 months are very significant for stroke rehabilitation and is considered as golden time for recovery.

Most common presenting complaint in neurological disorder?

Following is the list of symptoms that the patients having neurological disorders

  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Lack of normal movement of body
  • Lack of coordination
  • Numbness or Tingling

How does neuro rehabilitation help person get better?

Helping people with neuro disorders involves multidisciplinary approach including physical and pharmacological therapy. neuro rehabilitation plays its role by providing various form of treatment and management options in the form of physical therapy which helps person regain normal functioning and strength of the body muscles and carrying out effective movements.


What are the treatment options available in neuro rehabilitation?

neuro rehabilitation includes numerous treatment modalities which are as follow:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy

What do we do at IPRC?

Neuro rehabilitation specialist at IPRC initially takes the full history and examines the patients. After complete examination our panel of physiotherapists sit and device the treatment plan. Panel make the short term and long-term goals. After that, the panel decide which complaints shoulder be addressed first.

The main purpose is to rehabilitate the patients and make him/ her independent. At IPRC we do a lot for the ailments in neuro rehabilitation

  • Electrotherapy
  • Bo bath techniques
  • PNF techniques
  • Gait Re-training
  • Balance Re-training
  • Mobility Aids
  • Fall Prevention Program
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Mirror therapy

How does IPRC excel at providing neuro rehabilitation?

Islamabad Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center is one of the leading centers of the capital that provides rehabilitation with their rehab experts and advance techniques and equipment.

Dr Bismah Faryal is a neuro rehabilitation specialist who also serves as a managing director at IPRC. She excels in providing rehabilitation with her immense knowledge and great skills.

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