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Neurological Rehabilitation at IPRC

At IPRC, we utilize appropriate treatment protocols for patients suffering from neurological disorders. Our treatments techniques are evidence based and it meets individual needs of patient according to their specific needs. Our experience of combining advanced technology with innovative treatment method makes IPRC the best physical therapy clinic for neurological rehabilitation. Different patients come to IPRC for pain relief and performance enhancement. we are fully aware that each patient has unique condition and anatomy. We utilize one-on-one treatment approach for each patient and avoid using cookies cutter exercise.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitation is used for treating people suffering from injury, disease, or disorders of nervous system. Neurological rehabilitation is used to reduce symptoms, improve function, and overall health of the patient.

What conditions can benefit from neurological rehabilitation?

Various infections, injuries, structural defects, and degenerative diseases can benefit from neurological rehabilitation. Some of the common neurological conditions that can benefit from physical therapy and rehabilitation includes:

Vascular disorders such as hemorrhagic stroke (due to bleeding in brain), Ischemic stroke (due to blood clot), transient ischemic stroke (TIA).
Infections including polio and meningitis.
Trauma including spinal cord and brain injury
Neuromuscular and structural disorders such as cervical spondylosis, bells palsy, peripheral neuropathy, carpel tunnel syndrome, muscular dystrophy and Guillain barre syndrome.
Functional disorders including headache, neuralgia, and dizziness.
Degenerative disorders including Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Appropriate diagnosis means successful treatment:

At IPRC, we believe that good assessment and examination leads to effective and successful treatment. Our physical therapy specialists use appropriate assessment and examination along with advanced technologies to properly examine the condition of patient. After proper assessment, we provide personalized treatment approach to correct the exact source of pain and dysfunction and to improve patient outcomes.
The key to successful treatment is to identify the root cause of dysfunction and provide treatment to eliminate it so that you can enjoy pain free and active lifestyle.

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Neurological rehabilitation at IPRC:

At IPRC, we use innovative and non-invasive therapies for rehabilitation of patient suffering from neurological conditions.

Physical therapy exercises:

Exercises aims at increasing strength of different connective tissues and muscles. These exercises will improve stability and mobility and will help in relieving nerve pain, and it also aids in reducing dysfunction.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS):

DNS technique will help in restoring innate functional movement patterns by stimulation of central nervous system in retraining of neurophysiological patterns of your locomotion system. It will also help in correction of motor deficiencies.

Passive treatments:

Evidence proved that by utilizing passive treatment modalities like electrotherapy, manual therapy and tapping will provide additional benefits when use in combination with therapeutic exercises.

Therapeutic ultrasound:

Therapeutic ultrasound to reduce pain, increase circulation and relax tissue tension.

Interferential current (IFC)

Interferential current (IFC) is electrical muscle stimulation to relieve pain and promote faster healing of our patients.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS):

TENS is used to slow down the pain signals that goes to brain and spinal cord which may help in muscle relaxation and reducing pain.

Stress management:

The rehabilitation specialists at IPRC, works on managing stress, depression and anxiety of patient.


Treadmill is used in retraining of gait patterns. It will also keep your muscles active to ensure fast recovery. Strengthening exercises using treadmill will ensure proper rehabilitation. Treadmill will help you to stay active.


Elliptical training appears to be safe and feasible for improving balance, endurance, and functional mobility. Elliptical will increase workout without enhancing stress on your joints. This workout will burn calories. Elliptical also increase strength of muscles of lower extremity.

Assistive devices:

At IPRC, we utilize various assistive devices to improve mobility and stability of patients suffering from neurological conditions. Commonly used assistive devices includes walker, wheelchair, etc. These assistive devices facilitate independence of patients.

Gait training:

Abnormal gait patterns are very common in neurological conditions. It is due to disruption of neural pathways. The gait deviations in neurological patients are often due to movement deviations and compensatory patterns of movement. Our specialists provide appropriate training to correct these deviations so that you can maintain active lifestyle.

How we enable a person to walk again:

When a bedridden patient suffering from any neurological condition comes to us then our rehabilitation specialists perform various exercises to improve mobility and stability. Then we provide innovative and holistic treatment approach that enables the person to attain sitting position. After proper rehabilitation, patients can shift from sitting to standing and ultimately starts walking so that they can enjoy active and pain free quality of life. We also enable patients to perform activities of daily living such as dressing, eating, combing, etc.

Benefits of neurological rehabilitation:

Neurological rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach to address various neurological conditions. It aims that proper care can help patients to get hope and to achieve various health improvements. There are multiple benefits of neurological rehabilitation. Some of them includes:

  • Improves overall quality of life
  • Accelerates recovery and reduces progression of disease
  • Increase function and reduce symptoms
  • Improve balance
  • Improve range of motion (ROM) and mobility of patient
  • Pain management
  • Improve muscle and nerve function
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
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Get personalized treatment designed for you:

At IPRC, we never use cookie cutter exercises. As symptoms of pain can vary from one patient to another and each patient have unique and specific cause of pain, so we use custom design and personalized treatment approach for each patient. Our one-on-one physical therapy after proper examination will eliminate the root cause of your pain.

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Get Fast And Effective Treatment Of Neurological Disorders That Really Works

IPRC is featured with advanced and modern technologies for treating your injuries, pain syndromes and movement disorders. Our treatment approaches are evidence based and success of our patients proved effectiveness of our treatment.
The physical therapists at IPRC utilizes treatment approaches for restoring pain free movements of our patients. We are fully dedicated to providing best possible care to our patients. Our experience and expertise and top-notch physical therapy make IPRC the choice of clinic for reducing pain and dysfunction.

Dr. Aleem Certifications In Physical Therapy

Certified in Chiropractic and Osteopathic Techniques

Dr. Aleem is Certified in Chiropractic and Osteopathic techniques from iThurst, Italy. These techniques will help in reducing pain and improving mobility. It is also used in correcting posture. It is very beneficial in reducing chronic conditions like osteoarthritis. It treats neck injuries like whiplash and spinal injuries.

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Dr. Aleem also delivers lecture on ergonomics at corporate sector in whole Pakistan including Telenor, PTCL and Ufone.